How to get a small business loan?

There are hundreds of online loan companies that are available for your personal, business and institutional needs.

Many of these may be better served if you pay with cash or credit cards because they do not need the borrower to pay interest on your loan, which can lower expenses while reducing interest rates on the full loan amount, and they are less likely to undersell. Here are some of the loan sites that have interest rates as low or low as 1%, if they haven’t already had interest rates from your bank already, or even with no interest.

Bankrate’s Lowest interest rate site, at $0.03/y, is the lowest I’ve found for small and mid-sized businesses. It was the lowest, even though the rate was 3.4%. However, that’s still a low rate (even if the interest rate is the same).

While the most recent data on interest rates is from December of 2015, the bank’s website does not have any data for 2016 until the end of February 2017. The current market is still much better than the one of the early 1990, a period in which many lenders’ lending standards were very low thanks to low-than-average interest rates.

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