What is a pharmaceutical company?

A. It’s basically a company with the name of someone who thinks they’re inventing a drug without giving a clear indication how it works or where it got its name.

Q. (From John F.): So, the president of Pfizer says it can cure cancer, yet you have a drug whose manufacturer says it is not that effective. That’s a major problem.

A. No, we don’t sell any treatments that don’t work. We can’t explain. It’s not worth talking about it. (Laughter) That’s the way it is with this drug business.

Q. (From Ron G.): Is that possible?

A. It’s the same way with all our drug companies.

Q. (From Ted H.: Does the company have any reason to think it could be a cure? Because it might be).

A. We don’t believe it. I understand these issues well.

Q. (From Paul R.: Does his company care? Because the company is now a part of Pfizer, too.)

A. The Pfizer board and management are committed to getting this right. We’ll support Pfizer until that happens.

Q. (From David P.: Are a small number of people at Pfizer concerned that a product could be called a cure?

A. It depends on the product. If it’s a treatment, then it’s not a cure, but it does have a strong indication. If it’s a marketing phrase, then it is a cure, and it’s something we’re focused on. If it is a general term such as pain relief, then, no way. (Laughter)

Q. (From Frank P.): Does the company have any objection to people calling it a pain relief? If it has any side effects, the FDA has no issue with that. It’s a generic drug.

A. No, we’re not going to interfere with that at all. I don’t have any trouble with that. I don’t know anything about this at all. I’ll listen to the side effects analysis of the FDA. It can’t do anything.

Q. (From Larry M.: Does the company care about making the drug clear?

A. (Laughter) It makes it clear, and you can see the drug is doing this, and I don’t know what side effects it causes…

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