How to advertise your business?

Your website and email newsletter are critical to your success. You want to be as effective as possible, be it online or in emails. Having your site show up in search engines also comes pretty damn close to helping you attract customers. It’s very important to use some form of affiliate linking, so that your content doesn’t seem to be just a copy and paste job.

Here’s an outline of where you should advertise your business:

Email your visitors and potential customers in an easy to understand language so they can easily understand what are you doing. Most search engines actually look at the text below, so you can put them online and use it as a reference tool when creating your email newsletter. You can go to this link directly if you need more details about writing this email newsletter, or you can create an article from the PDF or the video (you’ll have to make sure to upload it as an EPUB in your readers’ browsers). Email the readers a link before each newsletter. Let them know that you have been sharing your content in the form of an ebook, PDF or audio file (you can use WordPress for doing this, or you can just create a template and send it to the reader to edit). This content is then added back into the newsletter on the site at the same website address, so it’s an ad for your book in the form of a link above all other links. Send each reader a link to download the newsletter. This also acts as a pre-order coupon and you get to keep the PDF or the audio file before a reader gets to have it. The book was printed and ready for sale. This is something all of your email newsletters should do. Every subscriber is entitled to receive an eBook or audio on how to sell a thing. For this to work, the reader has to have not only purchased the ebook or the audio, but also to purchase the print copy. You should email not only the person who purchased the book, but also any friends or family who have read the book so that they know about it. You can send them a link straight into the email newsletter to get any information about the book that you can, and even send the ebook for free! Be bold and send the information about how to sell products to anyone who might be interested in your book. If it’s just you, send them information about how to sell books in your email newsletter (just be sure to add the info with your link that you’re putting in your email).

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