What is business analytics?

Business analytics is a tool to identify, interpret, and communicate business, product, and service needs that exist in your industry and target those customers with customized service ideas to deliver best solutions.

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What do Business Intelligence and BI tools tell me about why I need to invest in analytics?

With a comprehensive collection of data analytics for use in all phases of development of your application, you can start to realize the benefits of your data analytics, and your customers can see results immediately with new, more relevant leads, with fewer duplicate leads; and more profitable sales and business growth.

The best way to take advantage of all the benefits of your data analytics is to use them as a part of your software development process. To that end, you should read through our guide (now called Analytics: Data Visualization) that introduces you to several of the most useful data visualizations for your software development. In the end, you should also invest time into understanding your business requirements by using the tools offered by the companies mentioned in this tutorial. The most important thing is that you should always focus on your own software development needs and understand what your business need to solve or how you might be the right partner for it.

What are “business analytics” tools?

There are dozens of data visualizations you can use to help you understand what type of data can be valuable to you or your business. The best ones will help you in the following ways:

Data from various sources such as sales tracking tools (DTL) and internal customer data that you are likely to see from your target customers.

Data from internal data collection points, such as online customer survey data and sales report data.

Data from other channels, such as user interviews, webinars, survey forms, product feedback, and sales surveys from your other customers.

Data from external sources such as sales and customer interviews, product reviews, and surveys and calls.

Most useful data visualization tools are:


Many companies have begun the business analytics journey with DTL. This tool is based on the same concept but with a different focus. The main difference is that while DTL uses customer surveys and product reviews to collect data, DTL uses survey information, which is often more valuable, to improve your business intelligence.

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